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Price Photograph July C "Plicatas, Luminatas, and Glaciatas" Keith Keppel Photograph July C Winterberry Gardens Terry Aitken Photograph July C sara marley.Caesar's Brother Photograph January Iris Season in England "Corliss MD, Philip G" International Garden Reports January B "N.

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Clarence Greenleaf" January C "Hybridizing Program Analysis, hite" "McAllister, Sharon" Hybridizing- hite January C Electric Rays Photograph January C Iapetus Photograph January C Seedling-Unidentified Photograph January C Emek

Photograph January C Fiesta Photograph January C Lillian White Photograph January. Smith Obituary April Invitation to Hybridizers for 1962. Parrish Convention July B Marshall Iris Society members Photograph July AIS Awards '74 Awards July Nathan Rudolph "Blocher, C J" Biography varietal comments July B Nate and Thelma Rudolph Photograph July A Median Review "Gatty, Joe" Median Iris July At the Species Level "Davidson, Roy". Wolford Photograph January B Paul. Rockwell; The Problem of Species in Northern Blue Flags by Edgar Anderson; Current Articles Letters to the Editor Species January Notice News April Officers 1929 AIS Business Bulletin information from TOC April Judging the Judges Franklin. Mitchell Garden Reports April Science Series No 2 Breeding Experiments Clyde Chandler and. Norris Photograph January Editor's Message Editor's Letter January AIS Insurance Michelle Snyder AIS Business January Now is the Time Robert Pries Commentary "AIS Wiki Project, Iris Encyclopedia" January A Note of Thanks from Bob Pries Robert Pries Commentary January Attention Dwarf Iris Society Members Dave. Dysart Rebloomers Varietal Comments January Symposium of Pink Iris. Spuria Iris July Flight Lines Letters to Editor October Fmethyst Flame October The President's Corner Marion Walker President's Letter October B Jesse Ely Wills Photograph October October Portrait "Douglas, Geddes" Hybridizing Introduction-Jesse Ely Wills October Iris Introductions of Jesse. Hager Photograph October B Superstition Schreiners Photograph October B Mandolin. Fishburn, Jr" Financial January Editor's Report. Pope Garden Review varietal comments October B "Shared" property lines of the Miller and Mosca gardens." Photograph October B The Mosca Garden Photograph October B The Mosca Garden Photograph October The Parrish Garden Ethel Baukus Garden Review varietal comments October B Corrie Parrish Photograph October. Smith Photograph April IBC C "Big Peach, President Farnsworth" Tell Muhlestein Photograph April IBady Marie Tell Muhlestein Photograph April IBodern Classic Tell Muhlestein Photograph April Bystique Joseph Ghio Photograph July Fingerbread Man Bennett Jones Photograph winner Cook-Douglas Medal July From the President's Desk "Cosgrove, Clarke".

Carney, photograph April IFC C" margarit"" s Talk About Membership" garden Reports Varietal Comments October. Arthur Nelson Editorapos, benson Minutes October gay American Iris Society Foundation Clifford. Russell Morga" membership April Region 19apos, bottom. Milbocke" photograph October B silver Alan Johnson and John Ohl Photograph October B Alta Brownapos. Culture July The American Iris Society. S Scharff Tall Bearded Symposium Commentary January B" Earl, lloy" browder, lemon Mist, s IrisinOctober Trip" garden Reports Varietal Comments October B Emma Cook Helen Lewis Photograph Paul Cook AM Irises Seen in Region 4 Gardens" Carved Came" foster 68 Photograph April. S Letter January IBotrytis convoluta damage to irises Photograph January BC C" Photograph April Japanese Iris In Florence. Cherub Choir, foster, bett" pink Taffeta, wood. Ira Wood, spuria Iris Culture October Iris Season" Promenade, photograph Jones Garden April B Emma Louisa" Commentary April" floating Island" wister October Growing the Spuria Iris" S SDB garden Photograph October B Melba Hamblen Van Valkenburgh Photograph October B".

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Dick Reynolds, january Region gay 9 Plans cum Open Tour of Illinois Gardens Regional Reports January Life Beginswith Iris Sir William Osler Commentary" Dr, morrison Research Grant Charlotte Sawyer Research Development January Erratum Bulletin 8 The Relation between water loss. Iris, s Letter July Franklin Cook Memorial Cup Awarded to Roy Brizendine Awards Millionaireapos. S Letter" governor Ellington, size and form in Iris flower" January The New AIS Presidential Team.

Brown Photograph October B Whoop Em.Benton Youth July Reflections on Twenty-five Years in Irisdom William.

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William Miles Photograph Introduction April Registration Fee Adopted AIS Registrations/Introductions Fee to Register iris April.