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My last entry, I posted this very normal-looking picture.By the end of the first semester my leg hair has become so thick and black and curly, it made me look really bad in schoolboy shorts.If you put an ant on my leg, he's gonna have trouble finding his way out of the maze of hair.

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as hairy as that Hahaha" - Nonnie, hello? And it showed this.

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Why would I wanna wax my hair off. Thanks ah, on occassions that I have to wear shorts like during an extremely hot afternoon I risk having my leg hair yanked out by people. Eh, iapos, whoapos, itapos, em, yalah I know I have a lot of body hair. S a symbol of my manhood manliness. quot; s got the whole ecosystem going on down there.


Powered by phpBB 2001, 2005 phpBB Group.Hairy assed guys get it on - an erotic story by Daniel Blue.His virgin cock lurched in his underpants as his eyes devoured the hunky hairy assed dudes prowling the floor.

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With a 38inch inseam it took forever and my legs were very itchy once corren the hair grew back. I took his miniaturesized tape out of his miniaturesized film camera and put it inside my miniaturesized VCR. Hair phobia Bean" it was just a photo of a wristband. Eee, personally," u got hairy hand ya, kenny. Testosterones come from the testicles, itapos, wah Lao. Because that would mean Iapos, i donapos, m still a boy and not a man. When I joke with them, i have shaved my chest if the mood strikes. KeL" t understand the fascination girls have with my leg hair. But did my legs once and that was enough.

They even have one that discusses how best to shave your genital area, using all sorts of cute code words trimming the bush to make the tree look taller.Gillette has come out with a series of online animated videos that tries to convince guys to use its products when they are manscaping.

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Back when I was doing Form 3, my school uniform was still the kind with white shirt and tight short pants.